Work done


  • Guidance and assistance in planning and analyzing experimental data.
    Objective: To advise on data analysis and carry out some of the analyzes. (In progress)

  • Advice and assistance in data analysis to identify heat-resistant rose bushes.
    Objective: To define appropriate statistical methods and provide guidance on data analysis, in addition to carrying out some of the analyzes aimed at identifying heat-resistant rose bushes.


  • Guidance on data analysis.
    Client: doctoral student in civil engineering;

  • Consultancy in research project planning, data analysis, and explanation of the interpretation of the p-values ​​obtained in the investigation.
    Client: professor in the Physics department at UFV.

  • Consultancy on solutions for data analysis during the doctorate, regarding grain storage.
    Client: Ph.D. student in Agricultural Engineering – UFV

  • Statistical advice to confirm the results and interpret non-parametric tests on questionnaire data for the academic community at UFV.
    Client: Post-doctoral student of the Graduate Program in Home Economics at UFV.

  • Guidance in the form of data analysis, via machine learning, regarding grain storage to publish a quality scientific article.
    Client: Master’s student in the Graduate Program in Applied Statistics and Biometry.

  • Study of design preferences for an off-road vehicle market.
    Client: undergraduate students participating in the UFV extension project in the construction of an off-road vehicle.

  • Assistance in data organization and analysis of an experiment conducted in a greenhouse.
    Client: Ph.D. student in Agronomy Department. Renata

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