To fulfill its objectives, LAPEA must encourage and support the training and technical-scientific training of human resources; support the execution of research projects linked to LAPEA; provide technical, administrative and financial support to human resources training activities in the strategic area of ​​data analysis; contribute to the establishment of guidelines and standards for university-business integration, and create interdisciplinary networks in areas of advanced statistical technologies.

Therefore, LAPEA will carry out its research involving its members, as well as providing occasional Consulting or Advisory services:


  • Data analysis and presentation of opinions or solutions about specific situations or themes.
  • When dealing with a problem in which the solution is known and addressed in books, the action may be to suggest the analysis technique simply. This analysis may or may not be implemented by LAPEA at the customer’s discretion.
  • When dealing with a problem that involves the use of more complex statistical techniques, or for which there is no consensus as to how the solution should be, several additional consultations may occur until we obtain a solution proposal.
  • The consultations will have a limited time until 1: 30h. Suggestions for planning and or analysis will be presented in writing when it is possible to identify the statistical problem.


  • Technical assistance or assistance on a specific subject, thanks to specialized knowledge.
  • If the client requires further technical assistance from LAPEA, a project will be proposed if consultancy that must be formalized in a contract, according to internal legislation at UFV.
  • The ADVISORY PROJECTS developed by LAPEA will involve either a complete planning or a statistical analysis of data, or both. The deadline for carrying out the project will be defined according to the problem to be addressed. The client will be presented with a complete report containing a description of the analyzes and their conclusions.
  • By the date we deliver the project report, there will be an extraordinary meeting to present the results and aid in the interpretations.

How to Schedule?

Before scheduling, the potential customer must inform the type of interest in the LAPEA service. To do this, simply fill out this information sheet.

Those interested in scheduling an appointment or advice can get in touch through one of the options presented in contacts.

NOTE: The selection of advisory projects will be based on the amount and availability of data and advisors available to carry out the service. Priority will be given to advisory projects for which prior consultancy has been scheduled.


The first meeting of the consultancy service is pro bono, that is, without financial investment. At this meeting, the client and the LAPEA team will have the opportunity to learn more about the proposed problem and present solutions. Our experience at LAPEA has shown that most of the demands received are resolved at this first meeting.

The following consultancy meetings, or advisory activities, will have their investment value defined by the coordinator at LAPEA.

Any funds raised by LAPEA will be deposited with FUNARBE (, in a specific account. All the accumulated resources will be invested in the training of its members, in material necessary for the development of activities, equipment, software, facilities and infrastructure, third-party services approved by the coordination and other essential interests, at the discretion of the coordination.

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